With the upcoming Highway 89 project many of the residents of Fruit Heights started voicing concern over the project and felt as if they had no voice. A few of us formed a group of concerned residents with the sole purpose of making our voices heard. We have accomplished the first and most difficult task of getting UDOT to slow down and listen. Now we need to make sure that all of Fruit Heights is represented. Please join with us in raising your voice to let our city officials know that we do not want the project to proceed as planned. A Finer Fruit Heights is protecting the “City of Good Neighbors” and  bringing attention to the issues important to our City.



• We are FOR Access to US-89 to remain at Nicholls Road.

• We are FOR East & West Access to remain at Nicholls Road.


Petition Summary and Background
The Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) US-89 Corridor Project as planned will further divide Fruit Heights City. As a city, Nicholls Road is the only access point to US-89 residing in our actual municipality boundaries. As such, maintaining that access is paramount for the future of our city. The 89 barrier project has already created extreme safety issues and have caused/will continue to cause significantly disturbing, dangerous, and undesirable changes to the traffic patterns and options for the residents of Fruit Heights & Kaysville. UDOT has the ability to keep an access from Nichols Road to Highway 89 which will :

– Increase Public Safety by providing access to homes surrounding Nichols Road via HWY 89

– Increase Public Safety by limiting Tractor trailer access to HWY 89, this can be accomplished by completing the south bound ramp interchange at the junction of I-84 and I-15.

– Maintain continued access to Nicholls Park, Gailey trail and hollow, Kaysville City, Davis High School. and Davis County Golf Course for Fruit Heights and it’s surrounding communities.

– Maintain unrestricted access to the Public Works building and equipment especially during the winter months and during emergencies

– Lower the increased traffic on small neighborhood streets that have heavy foot traffic including 100’s of students and small children.

As those whose daily lives are affected by these changes, we ask that our requests be given serious consideration and that UDOT reconsider the Highway 89 design work involving Fruit Heights City, taking in all options, not only the ones requested by Fruit Heights City officials. Our voices must be heeded.

Action petitioned for:
We, the undersigned, united in our voice as concerned residents, respectfully request UDOT, and the to:

1. Maintain access to Highway 89 at Nicholls Road.
2. Increase Public Safety by limiting tractor trailer access to HWY 89, this can be accomplished by completing an interchange at the junction of I-84 and I-15.
3. Alleviate current traffic and safety issues at the following intersections before removing more access.

– Lauralwood Drive and Main Street: 41.024842, -111.928557
– South Lloyd Rd and Main Street: 41.012369, -111.913360
– South Mountain Rd and Main Street: 41.010410, -111.909797
– 200 North and US 89 : 41.041734, -111.910056