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A FINER FRUIT HEIGHTS WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our voices were heard and UDOT has stopped the immediate destruction of the community we hold dear. UDOT has taken our Nicholls Road Project and combined it with the larger US89 Corridor Project.


Follow the greater Corridor project at Residents’ Voices United on 89; ( ReVU89.org)

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Let’s join together and collectively, we have a voice to demand better options for our families and future.

Whether you are a resident of Fruit Heights, Kaysville, Farmington, Layton or South Weber  you are likely frustrated with your city officials and UDOT who have “settled” when it comes to the poorly planned and rushed project for our communities in regards to the proposed US89 Corridor construction scheme between Farmington and South Weber on the East Bench of Davis County.  You are not alone. We have been a growing voice of Fruit Height’s residents and we hear the same concerns coming from our neighboring cities. 


Please share with us your email address and we will be sending out information on how we can help each other get the quality we deserve out of this expansive and daunting project.  

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• We are FOR Access to US-89 to remain at Nicholls Road.

• We are FOR East & West Access remaining​n at Nicholls Road.

With the upcoming Highway 89 project many of the residents of Fruit Heights started voicing concern over the project and felt as if they had no voice. A few of us formed a group of concerned residents with the sole purpose of making our voices heard. We have accomplished the first and most difficult task of getting UDOT to slow down and listen. Now we need to make sure that all of Fruit Heights is represented. Please join ​us in raising your voice to let our city officials know that we do not want the project to proceed as planned. Finer Fruit Heights is protecting the “City of Good Neighbors” and  bringing attention to the issues important to our City.